This renovation of a Richard Neutra designed home had two aspects.  The first was to update and refine the interior of the home, while honoring the style of the original classic home.  The second was to create an addition, designed in tandem with architect Jose Garcia, to give the owner more space while preserving the original floor plan.


This beautiful Spanish Deco home had extensive renovations and a large addition added.  The authentically styled details fit perfectly with the period of the home, reflecting a ‘golden era’ elegance. 



The owners of this condominium wanted to do more then just pick out furniture and paint.  They wanted an Art Deco home with completely custom designed details that wouldn’t be found anyplace else.  The result of Erin Lombardi’s design brought together the work of numerous artisans to create a unique, stunning space. 



This lobby for the South Shore condominium was designed to be the entryway into a unique living space that celebrates it’s waterfront location.


Flowing forms lead the eye throughout the space.  The designs above and below the guests mirror each other to embrace them within the space.


Not only does the lobby serve it’s occupants in esthetic beauty, but the space is designed to deal with the potential problems of being so close to the river.  In the event of an extreme flood, the lacewood panels and desk are designed to be removable and can be temporarily relocated to higher floors, limiting damage and recovery time on the first floor.


This home was built by a developer who wanted to create a space that featured high end detailing and unique aesthetic, without potentially being too extreme a design that could exclude potential buyers.


All of the built in aspects of the of the home needed to be designed.  This included bathrooms, custom fireplaces, kitchen, lighting and even the railings.



This bungalow renovation shows how nice detailing and well chosen materials can create a warm, inviting, stylish space.



This, new construction, mediterranean mansion had extensive built in custom spaces from the kitchen, to the pool house, to numerous bathrooms.